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                Source:Big Middle Small

                Sino-Singapore Economy, Trade and Investment Cooperation Forum, co-organized by Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), was held on November 13 in Singapore. More than 200 entrepreneurs attended and discussed the business opportunities created by the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

                Jiang Zengwei, the Director of the CCPIT, indicated in his speech that Singapore is the important international trade center, shipping center and finance center in the Asian-Pacific region. It also is he important platform and node of the “B&R” construction. The two parties can complement each other's advantages and create a new cooperation mode.

                Official from Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry said that Singapore and China set up the “B & R” Initiative as a new emphasis of bilateral cooperation, and signed relevant Memorandum of Understanding, hoping two countries’ enterprises to co-grasp the “B & R” business opportunities and to work together to explore such multiple and large South Asian market.

                Meanwhile, the Chairman of Singapore Business Federation said that the SBF always endeavor to build cooperation platform with the relevant trade promotion institutions and civil organization of China and the ASEAN members, in order to strengthen regional operation and vigorously boost each friendly cooperation between Singapore and China, as well as the ASEAN countries.

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