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                Source:Big Middle Small

                SIP launched a remote training program on Aug 24 for the purpose of learning experience from Singapore for local governance. Under the program, 69 people from local authorities, medical and health service organizations and related departments of Suzhou government will take a series of training courses given by Singaporean lecturers online.

                SIP Administrative Committee deputy director Lu Yuan addressed the launching ceremony, while Mr. Chee Hin Ho, director of Business China at North East Asia Division of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, and Ms. Tina Ng, director of Civil Service College International, gave speeches online.

                It is learnt that, being a cooperative project between Chinese and Singaporean governments, SIP has sent 3,847 people to attend training programs in Singapore since its inception in 1994, and therefore learnt valuable experience in infrastructure development, investment promotion, administrative management, community governance and other aspects. However, it is the first time for an online training program to be carried out for the same purpose.

                The training program consisted of a set of courses tailored for SIP, covering support for biomedical industry, cross-border investment, healthcare services, etc. A number of Singaporean officials and senior experts from higher education institutions will serve as lecturers under the program. In addition to giving lectures, they will discuss with the trainees a wide range of issues related to SIP’s development, including those concerning COVID-19 prevention and control.

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